29 November 2015 , Sunday
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An Evaluation of UNHCR Turkey’s Compliance with UNHCR’s RSD Procedural Standards

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly prepared an evaluation report on UNHCR Turkey's compliance with UNHCR's Refugee Status Determination Procedural Standards, with the overall aim of assessing UNHCR Ankara office's compliance with specific aspects of the Standards and make relevant recommendations.

By assessing UNHCR’s performance, we hope to highlight areas in which practices fall below, meet, or even rise above, the levels recommended in the Standards.  In areas where we have identified significant gaps in compliance, we aim to emphasize the impact that these gaps have on refugee applicants and make concrete, relevant recommendations.

Our findings and recommendations are intended not only for use by UNHCR, but also for Turkey’s Ministry of Interior (MOI). 

A copy of this report was submitted to UNHCR BO Ankara for review.  That office’s unedited comments have since been integrated into the report in order to present a balanced perspective on the areas examined.

0You can download the full report here.
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